Richard Renaldi: “Think about our relationships to strangers”

© Richard Renaldi, Figure an Ground

He is one of the important emerging photographers in the USA: In our interview Richard Renaldi talks about his fascination for full body portraits, his current exhibition in Hamburg and the special challenge of photographing strangers with each other.

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Pulitzer Prize: An American teen soldier

© Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post

It’s an intimate portrait of an American teen soldier: Photographer Craig F. Walker accompanied the young Ian Fisher. He watched his  recruitment, his deployment to Iraq and his return from combat – for 27 months. For his work Walker was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

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DSLR Music Video: Saturday Night

Nowadays you can shoot brilliant videos with digital SLR cameras. But often audio remains to be a huge challenge. Photographer and musician Sebastian Niehoff doesn’t have that kind of a problem. The 29 year old shoots music videos with his Canon 5d Mark II and imports the audio from a sound studio recording. His first video “Saturday Night” from the Band King Size Clan shows the result.

However, we at Flare cannot quiet agree on the video. Timo (friends with the photographer) says: “Great images, interesting change between color and black and white, funny guys – a great debut, especially for a self-taught person.” Ole disagrees: “Way too fixed, too heavy on photos, hardly any variety – and awful music.”

Chloé McLennan: Close proximity

Chloé McLennan

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© Chloé McLennan

“I have been taking photos for several years, it started as a hobby, but has turned into a way of capturing the people I love. Part of my technique is taking very close proximity photos. I adore the details of people and their expressions. It seems like the most wonderful thing to be able to show how unique and beautiful people are.”

Chloé McLennan is a student in the U.S about to finish her second degree in motion design at Cornish College of the Arts. She was born in 1983 and has spent most of her life traveling. She hopes to continue the trend and allow her life to stay open to more travel and doing what she loves.

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